STJ Southern Cell Hari Raya Gathering 2012

By Robin Yau

Pasir Ris, Singapore

Pasir Ris- Singapore, 16 Sept. 2012– Southern Cell of Ex-STJ/Presstij which include ex-students residing in  Melaka, Johor & Singapore met quite regularly in JB, especially when we have visits of our brothers & sisters (other ex-students from the northern area).  So far we have 15 active members and we remained as an informal grouping of STJ Alumni cum a social group with shared common grounds.
This year Hari Raya get together was hosted by Robin Yau (’81) at The Pasir Lodge Bungalow located at Pasir Ris Singapore on 16th Sept 2012.  Those who attended were:
  1. Robin Yau (81)
  2. Jamel Saleh (81)
  3. Jamal Taharim (81) & Family
  4. Afida Norliza (80)
  5. Zulaifah Mustaffa (81) & hubby
  6. Jimmy Kwang (82) & family
  7. Chua Poi Hean (82) & wife
  8. Morita (82)

(L-R) Afida Norliza, Mori M M Eita & Zulaifah Mustapha

As it was a Potluck event, we had a lot of local delicacies served, such as;
  1. Lemang
  2. Rendang Ayam & rendang pucuk pegaga
  3. Daging goreng cili api
  4. Roti jala
  5. Ketupat
  6. Nasi beringin
  7. Rendang burung puyuh
  8. Sambal Kacang
  9. Kuih muih & Hari Raya cookies

(L-R) Poi Hean Chua, Mori M M Eita & Afiza Norliza

We had a good time mingling around and catching up with our two new members, Kwang & Chua who has been in Singapore for many years but have not joined until recently.
We hope to be able to repeat this gathering again next year in JB.

Thanks to all of you..the family is expanding!- Robin Yau


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