STJ Cricket Allstars Reunion: A fantastic beginning

Mantin, April 12, 2014: The gang wasn’t quite all here.

Thanks to the generosity of Muzammir 2000 STJ Cricket past team reunions have become a feature of Triangular SBP matches among STJ, MCKK and SM Sains Muar.

From near and far ex players cum past allstars come, with death or ill-health generally the only reason for absences.

It’s more than 20 years since most of us once captured the sporting imagination.

The team, and the innovative, thrilling cricket it played, has remained in many hearts. That admiration was evident when the players that were present did a photoshoot right before the game in honour of past glories.

Dato Ismail Ramli 87, Rizal Bakar 89, Kamal Bashah Bahrin 89, Khalid Ibrahim 89, Mat Jimie Ali 91, Bart Hisyam 92, Jali 92, Damarx 94, Kairul Azrin 94, Machoz Seven 98, Muzammir 2000, Ravin 2005, Syafiq 2006, Syed 2006, Kamal Basyah 2006, Alif 2012
and Mohamad Khairul 2012
were there at the legendary oval Kolej Tuanku Jaafar, Mantin. Their presence surely provided the gloss off a weekend of revelry and reminiscing for one of the true STJ tradition of champion in cricket.

“It’s fantastic to catch up with everybody” Khalid Ibrahim said.

There was the initial finding out of what everybody’s doing now and then it was reliving the memories and the stories and they tend to get exaggerated as you get older.

“It’s been pretty fun” uttered Ravin who once captained a championship team back in 2005.

For most of the others in attendance – Dato’ Ismail Ramli, Rizal Bakar, Mat Jimmie, Damark, Machoz Seven, Kamal Bashah and Jali, it’s the best part of 20 years since they picked up a bat in anger. In over drive mode, Kamal aka Mike was bowled out by LBW for his first batting in 24 years.

Dato’ Ismail was 17 in 1987 tournament and just like he did all those years ago, he hasn’t lost his ability to snaffle the odd wicket or pace winning run chases.

But this reunion, the first for the STJ Cricket Allstars, has been all about the old days, with Kamalbasyah 2007 saying the rapport between the players was instant, despite the fact that many hadn’t caught up for years, and also a huge different in age group.

Nazri A. Rahman, a former coach for STJ was also there to catch up with his former players. Cikgu Nazri was one of several key individuals that were instrumental to bring glory to STJ Cricket. He retired from cricket when he handed down his umpire hat back in 2008. But cricket remains in his heart , and of course in everyone’s that was there too.
How is that for a reunion guys!


Khalid Ibrahim
at the Kolej Tuanku Jaafar












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  1. And special thanks to khalid ibrahim for his constant push to make this happened.

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