Alumni Support

The Importance of Alumni Support

Remember your adventurous days at SMSNS, STJ or SMSTJ? Remember spending the night with your dormates? Or in bushes behind the hostels? Or supporting your favourite sport house? Or your last outing with your classmates to Kuala Pilah or Seremban?
Whether you graduated recently or are some of the more “older” alumni, we all have fond memories of our time at SMSTJ and we are all united as alumni.

As an SMSTJ Alumni, we hope you will consider giving back to SMSTJ through PRESSTiJ because you are our greatest testimony to the strength of the school’s program. Without your support, it would not be possible for us to continue to provide the outstanding activities and adventures. Please help us secure the future of PRESSTiJ through your support.

If you would like to help support PRESSTIJ, please contact the YDP, Dato’ Ir Nasir or the Secretary. Please email


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Where Best Friends Cheer...Maju Sempurna!

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